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This is the award-winning story of the gold portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, the beautiful Muse who Gustav Klimt painted into history as a sensual Mona Lisa of turn-of-the-century Vienna; its fate under Nazi rule, and the battle that revealed its unknown story of heroism and  shimmering genius. It is also the untold story of Gustav Klimt, and his portrait models: the arts patrons and intellectual women who were co-creators of modernism in Vienna. Some were co-creators of modernism in Vienna. Some were romantically linked to Klimt. One may have been his daughter. Their lives unfolded in the glamorous Vienna of Sigmund Freud, Mark Twain, Hedy Lamarr and Billy Wilder, a lost world that ended with the arrival of Hitler. For years this story languished in obscurity, until the battle to recover Klimt paintings stolen by the Nazis brought these stories to light, along with a rich trove of lost letters and journals about life with Gustav Klimt. 

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Viktor Gutmann

Baron Viktor Gutmann married the beautiful Luise Bloch-Bauer in an elaborate society wedding. Gutmann's grandfather was made a Jewish baron by Emperor Franz Josef for building a train line in Yugoslavia, the seat of the family business empire. Gutmann remained in Yugoslavia with his wife Luise, daughter Nelly, and son Franz, even as Hitler grew closer.